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        Welcome to Guangzhou Shengfeng Hardware Co.,Ltdwebsite!

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        Guangzhou Shengfeng Hardware Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of non-standard fasteners and standard parts. It is a qualified registered supplier of CAMDS in China. Registration ID: CA-3-60385. Guangzhou Shengfeng Hardware Products include all kinds of complicated non-standard screw and step screw, non-standard rivet and rivet nut. At the same time, we also produce various specifications of core-pulling rivets, high-precision turning parts. Products include carbon steel (low-carbon steel, medium-carbon steel and high-carbon steel), stainless steel, copper, aluminum, alloy steel, Fast-Cutting iron and so on. Standards include national standard (GB), German standard (DIN), American standard (ANSI), Japanese standard (JIS) and international standard (ISO), which are widely used in hardware, furniture, ships, household appliances, machinery, electronics and other industries. Shengfeng Hardware is committed to environmental protection of materials and surface treatment.......


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